bec I literally can't keep track
  1. ghostbusters (2016)
    i cried watching the movie lmao
  2. kate mckinnon
    i lov her. someone pls tell her i lov her
  3. snl
    i started watching every week bec of kate (and some hosts were cool). it's great often times. cool cast atm
  4. comedy as a thing
    thanks to my gal chelsea peretti and other comedians and their podcasts. ive been watching so many youtube videos it's horrible
  5. chelsea peretti
    i lov her ! I would like to get her approval. call chelsea peretti would be on this list if there were new eps
  6. you made it weird w pete holmes
    fun pod. they talk abt personal things. pls bring in kate mckinnon. pls bring back chelsea
  7. brooklyn nine nine
    i lov this show so much. best show.
  8. The cast album of 'Natasha, Pierre, and the great comet of 1812'
    I learned about this musical through tumblr. A couple of people I follow reblogged content from the show and I thought that the costumes were pretty, that the title sounded cool, and that more Philippa soo content is worth listening to. At first I thought the music was weird, but now I can't stop listening to it. I should look for a boot (don't @ me i am poor I cannot afford to pay for Broadway tickets, much more pay for a trip to nyc)
  9. don't trust the b——— from apt 23
    I should've added this to this list when I marathoned it last dec lmao oops anyway here it's great watch all of its two seasons (AGAIN WITH THE CANCELLED SHOWS)
  10. Riverdale
    I don't know why I like it but I'm hooked
  11. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
    omg is anyone else watching this show???? It's such a nice show omg I love it so much it's about this one diner in Tokyo that's open midnight to 7 am and it's an anthology of stories of the people who eat there and it's so great I love it so much I hope there'll be a season 2
  12. Come From Away