1. I am in the car with Mr Cat
    It is raining. We are parked in a safe outdoor parking lot that is not full. View outside the window is blurry because of the rain. All reclineable seats are reclined. The temperature is just right. Folksy music is playing. We are both awake. We are both chilling
  2. I am a charismatic chef who owns a small restaurant with good food.
    I have a suki in the palengke and we have a good suki relationship. I have regulars who become my friends. Once in a while I invite people round the back to try out food I made for fun. I make an amazing chocolate cake. Great cocktails and milkshakes. The best children's menu. There's a tv with pay per view out during big games (that I care about) bec watching games with people is great. My staff and I are close and have drinks after closing time while we clean up. Money is never an issue.
  3. I am some sort of a fashion authority.
    People look to me for fashion advice, and I tell them to find their own style. "Don't let the trends dictate what you wear," I make sure to always fit into interviews. When people ask my what my beauty must have is, I come up with an old fashioned, yet practical answer, cementing my fashion guru status. "Carmex lip balm," I answer. "I swear by the stuff."