1. Static
  2. Static
  3. Blue eyeliner
  4. Static
    If you have information on how to get a hold of a giant yellow sweater, please inform me immediately thank you.
  5. Static
    Barbie on the left
  6. Static
  7. Static
    tibi fall 2017
  8. Static
    already sold 😔
  9. Local
  10. Static
  11. Static
    the dog in bike basket is paramount
  12. Static
  13. Static
    I don't think I could ever pull off the hat but wow!!!
  14. Static
    oh my god that oversized sweater those boots that hair
  15. matching blue eyeliner and nails
    again with the blue eye details I know!! But they're so pretty!!!!!! Anyway, not super big on the hair and the clothes but here. (Xiao Wen Ju, 📷 by Emily Weiss, Kenzo Fall 2014)
  16. Static
    oh my GOD WANT
  17. Static
    if anyone could please tell me how to get this hair with minimal effort pls teach me (from georgina wilson's ig lol)
  18. Static
  19. Local
    I literally cannot tell if this suit is green???? BUT IF IT IS THEN THIS SUIT IS OF SLYTHERIN DREAMS AND
  20. Static
    thank u @felicities for showing me these looks
  21. Static
    oh my GOD
  22. Static
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! (Givenchy resort 2018)