the people on this list are either my favs or people I think snl is committing a crime against by not having them host
  1. harry styles
    not everyone knows he's funny and i want people to know he's funny
  2. kristin chenoweth
    it's insane that she hasn't been on yet
  3. laura benanti
    she could do her melania
  4. marc maron
    idk how he'd do in sketch but this is self explanatory i think
  5. taylor swift
    she's probably going to drop an album soon. bring her back
  6. andy samberg
    i lov him. bring him back
  7. chelsea peretti*
    *im not sure but she's my fav so naturally she is on this list
  8. kate mckinnon
    bring her back as a host after she eventually leaves
  9. leslie jones
  10. mulaney
    idk how he is in sketch tho but i lov him. maybe he can co-host w Kroll or smth
  11. Kristen Stewart
    Honestly I didn't know I wanted this nor that it was actually possible. I'm looking forward to her hosting
  12. Novak Djokovic
    He's good at impressions (granted they're just of Sharapova and Rafa but they're great impressions)
  13. mindy kaling
  14. Fran drescher when the nanny was still running