otherwise known as a study on run-on sentences. read these aloud at my funeral and watch people catch their breath lmaO
  1. sitting on the fire escape of the church next to my school after friday youth worship
    I was a sophomore and I'd just started being allowed to go out without guardians and started giving letters to school from my mom to allow me to leave the school premises after class to go to worship. The thing had just ended and Justine, Mark, and I had made plans to go to the weekend market in Fort, but it was too late in the evening (it was around 8 or 9) and too far for us to walk to, so we waited got Justine (or Mark's) driver. We didn't really attend small group, and we didn't have friends
  2. fire escape (cont)
    in church that weren't our schoolmates, and they either weren't there that time or were in small group. So we walked around the church building aimlessly. We couldn't chill in the bathroom because Mark couldn't go in (the bathrooms are nice). The caf was closed. It was hot outside, and there were mosquitos. Hanging out in the first or second floor kinda felt awkward because we'd look like outsiders, or worse, unholy because we didn't participate. (This is an approximation of our reasoning-
  3. fire escape (cont)
    -I can't guarantee that this was our exact reasoning, but honestly, how off base would this actually be)// We ended up in the fire escape, on the third or fourth floor. The thing about the fire escape in church was that it was mostly surrounded by blue glass that overlooked Fort (as much as four floors can possibly overlook). At night, they lit up the fire escape and it was just glowwy blue. It was empty since it was late (the offices were already closed), so it was the perfect place to wait.
  4. fire escape (cont)
    So we just sat there on the fire escape, our feet hanging over the edge between the stairs and the glass, just chilling, talking about whatever sophomores talked about at that time. I remember feeling surreal and nice and cool — we're alone in the fire exit of the church and it's blue and it's the start being allowed out late and no adults and we were probably not allowed to be there. It was probably the closest I've got to living out one of those 80s teen movies (and before I'd even seen any).
  5. fire escape (cont)
    (I'd like to say I'm the Ferris but I'm probably the Cameron.) The cool surreal thing only lasted for a short while though because it was either the fetcher came and we went on our merry way, or we got caught by the guard because there were cameras. Or we tried to do it again the next week, but got caught because of cameras. I can't remember which it is, but we definitely got caught, and never did it again. (This is longer than I originally intended but whatevssssssss).
  6. giving my classmate in grade 1 the wrong landline number because i didn't want him to call me
    pretty sure I gave too many numbers for it to be a telephone number (sorry)
  7. car rehearsals
    I can clearly remember two events I practiced for while in transit: singing the national anthem in my nursery graduation (age 5?) and the Chinese singing contest in grade one (age 7/8). My parents would make me practice singing Lupang Hinirang in the car in what (I remember was) an attempt to stop me from talking (which I did a LOT as a child too much apparently lmao). The instance I remember clearly was at nighttime, in fort by the intersection near S&R (when S&R was p much the only cool place
  8. car rehearsals (cont)
    -in fort). This was before I spoke any Filipino or even knew that the title was NOT 'Bayang Magiliw'. They also made me practice a lot probably because of this. // The Chinese singing practice I can remember the most clearly was held in the old Delica. The cassette with the Fookyen songs is playing, and we're in Gate 3. I also did not speak Chinese and there were like 4 songs to memorize, which is, again, why they probably made me practice even during transit.
  9. car rehearsals (cont)
    In the end, the audio messed up the start of my Lupang Hinirang (I was waiting for them to start the accompaniment but they didn't so I started singing, THEN they played it but it was chill I still sang with the audio lmao), and I got third place in the Chinese singing competition — both times not knowing what the hell I was singing about.
  10. I genuinely thought that a pair of kids auditioned for the Big School Play by dancing and singing the whole 'Bop to the Top' routine.
    I mean I haven't asked around if it WASNT true, but it isn't likely... right? (anyway, in case you wanted to know, I auditioned with 'Reflection' by Christina Aguilera and won the role of 'Student 2', a Pharisee, and an orphan during the Annie segment that got to sing a part of 'Tomorrow' but was not Annie (but a solo tho!))
  11. Green velvet dress
    In grade 3, we were studying fairytales, and we were grouped and tasked to act out some of them. Our group got Rumplestiltskin. Even then, I had that feeling like I wanted to be the star (lol) & I knew I had the talent, but wanting to be the star was something people frowned upon, so I volunteered to be the main girl's mom. It was side character, but I knew she was more compelling as a character, and that it needed more acting skills to be done right (bec her character was evil). Anyway—
  12. Green velvet dress
    —for this role, I chose to wear a green velvet dress. It had a mock turtleneck and was cut in a way that reminded me of the Áo dài (Vietnamese national dress). I realize now how shrewd it was to think to volunteer for a smaller role because I didn't want to seem mayabang but planned to outshine everyone else with my """compelling role""" as the evil mom. And how apt it was that I chose the green velvet because if this whole situation didn't scream young slytherin then idk what would.
  13. Green velvet dress
    Anyway I just remembered this because velvet is a trend again and I really did love that dress and I wish I still had it
  14. When I was about 14? I made this Facebook page called ice cream is better than cake
    I'm not so sure where I stand on this issue now. I think I feel more excited to eat cake because it's a rarer experience than ice cream so it's really hard to tell which I like better. Also, I'm more specific with my taste in cake than ice cream so I don't know if that's a factor. Anyway the page is gone now I think I deleted the page so don't go looking for it