Animals With Legs I Like

many animals have legs. here are some of them
  1. lizards
    lizards are good for anybody who has looked at snakes and thought "hey these are good but I wish they had legs"
  2. ostriches
    ostriches are like 85% legs. if u don't like birds with legs then maybe it's about time u went home, kyle
  3. walruses
    I don't actually think that whatever walruses have going on down there actually counts as legs but my mom's friend's walrus is staying over and he's very sensitive so u know
  4. centipedes
    these guys have loads of legs - it's very impressive. we're all really impressed.
  5. not millipedes
    fucking show off pieces of shit. it's like, we get it, you love legs, you have a million of them! get over yourselves!