best cupcakes to eat

most cupcakes are good for eating but did you even know what the best ones were?? of course u didn't so listen up and maybe you'll learn something
  1. lil cupcake
    these cupcakes are very small and this is good because if you eat seven of them, no one will tell u to stop
  2. red velvet cupcake
    oh no did someone get a HUMANS BLOOD in the cupcake mix??? no of course not u fuck it's red velvet how could u be so grave
  3. racist cupcake
    because it feels good to eat the little racists - begone racists! begone from here!
  4. pig cupcake
    these are good if u like your food to have a joyful porcine face so that u may devour it. eat the smile first!!!
  5. giant cupcake that is the size of an actual cake
    this is good to eat if u want to have an entire cake to yourself. also good if u have giants over for a party because they will be relative to their enormous proportions. very considerate!!