most bugs are cool. here are some of my all-time faves
  1. caterpillars
    caterpillars are like butterfly timebombs and one can never tell when they will burst into beautiful flappy guys. they are like the Anne Hathaway of the bug kingdom, and all of them will one day find out that they are in fact a princess.
  2. beetles
    beetles are cool because you can watch them fight on youtube. I guess u can make them fight in real life too but honestly who has the time???
  3. spiders
    some people fear spiders, and those people are correct to do so. spiders will fuck you up and they love hiding in corners and behind dinner plates and shit. greg told me there's a spider that can give you a four hour boner if it bites you but that guys a liar so I dunno
  4. junebugs
    I don't know what a junebug is or what it looks like but southern gentlemen are always mentioning them and those guys seem to know what's up
  5. praying mantis
    cool scary knife arms, head eating, neat colour - these bugs are okay!!
  6. magic-bug
    this bug isn't real. it shouldn't be on this list
  7. lil inchworms
    sometimes u find these guys in ur hair and u gotta be like "dude!! whatcha doin in there??" but they don't know! they're just as confused as u are!!
  8. leeches
    are leeches bugs???????