some colours are just no good. don't waste your time with the bad ones! use this list to help you know which shades to shun
  1. green
    green is the colour of grass and mould. good colour for sure
  2. purple
    purple is an okay colour. it's like red AND blue!!!
  3. orange
    a lot of people like orange. I don't personally I think it's a bullshit colour but I don't wanna have to hear about how I didn't put everyones favourite pumpkin colour on this otherwise great list
  4. pink
    like red but different
  5. yellow
    yellow rules and anybody who says otherwise is a fucking idiot
  6. dark green
    sometimes u need more green so here is more of it
  7. cyan
    I don't actually know what colour cyan is or what it looks like but my roommates won't shut up about it so I guess it's alright