here's all the dogs I know
  1. lola
    lola is my parents dog. she is good cuz u can hold her for a while but also she is not very good with dogs she doesn't know. lola is a mixed bag
  2. emily
    emily is my parents neighbours dog. sometimes she plays with lola. one time she almost ate a bird.
  3. whiskey
    whiskey is my sisters friends dog. whiskey ate a bar of soap he found in the street once. it may have been cheese but I don't think so. he also ate a passport and a remote.
  4. drillo
    drillo was my parents friends dog. i think he is dead now. he had to wear a shock collar because he loved barking.
  5. air bud
    air bud is a golden retriever and the star of the air bud movies. I don't know this dog personally.