Mythical Beasts That Are Just Weird Regular Animals

some mythical creatures are totally original, like the boggart or the boggart jr, but most are pretty derivative of animals. don't let those posers take u for a ride! here's a handy guide
  1. sasquatch
    pretty much just a shadowy monkey
  2. unicorn
    horse with a horn. snoooore!!
  3. centaur
    horse with a man. double snore!!
  4. laser-dog
    basically just a dog that also can shoot lasers out of its dog eyes
  5. hydra
    based heavily on the dragon which is pretty much just a big lizard. yawwwwn!
  6. balloon animals
    speaks for itself
  7. chupacabra
    this one's not actually a myth at all, my uncle kyle said he saw 1 and it was scary as shit but also totally a real animal. MYTH: BUSTED
  8. ancient clam
    just an old fuckin clam
  9. robin hood
    a dude who gives rich people's money to the poor - otherwise known as a run of the mill socialist
  10. spooky dead dan
    total rip off of dead dan, the rotting corpse of dan that the garbage men refuse to take off of my curb