a lot of people are afraid of some pretty dumb stuff. all of my fears are impossible to truly fathom. here's some stuff I can fathom the fuck outta:
  1. wasps
    wasps are small and at their very worst can give u a lil sharp pain for a second. generally if u don't mess with them they are just cool to hang out and drown in ur beer.
  2. heights
    just cuz i am high up on a thing doesn't mean that I suddenly have to become ally mcbeal and start clutzing around. heights can't hurt you if you don't fall, so don't fall.
  3. snakes
    snakes are cool as fuck and any opportunity to behold one is like a special gift.
  4. big dogs
    dogs are inherently moral and have no concept of good and evil. they don't do malicious shit unless they are made to do so by a malicious person. this is why dogs are perfect angels and will almost certainly come to replace us as this planets master.
  5. death
    we all gotta go sometime
  6. ghosts
    to see a real ghost would be like a dream came true - srsly if u think u got a true phantom on ur hands, call me up
  7. kevin, the unreasonable assistant manager
    I don't even work for this guy. he shall hold no power over me!!
  8. germs
    today I ate a bagel off of the floor of a very busy restaurant and while I am very ashamed to admit it, I was not afraid of any repercussions for even a second