If I were to create a musical based on the classic "Working Girl" movie, these would be the musical numbers.
  1. ACT ONE
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. David Lutz Is a Pimp
  4. Four Strikes You're Out
  5. It's a Two Way Street
  6. Dim Sum
  7. The Trask Ask
  8. Only Then Do We Get What We Deserve
  9. Do Not Go Through Tess (The Betrayals)
  10. ACT TWO
  11. Total Imposter (Power to the People)
  12. Head for Business (Bod for Sin)
  13. Ask Another Girl
  14. Get a Grip
  15. There's Something I Have to Tell You (Duet)
  16. I Won't Take No for an Answer
  17. I Love You...I Love You Too
  18. No She's Not! (Bury the Hatchet)
  19. Only Then Do We Get What We Deserve (Reprise)