basically sun protection while looking & feeling your best, not like an orange haired freakshow. **color coordinate your items.
  1. cute tote for your essentials, always nearby.
  2. sunblock that is a white lotion, at least 30 spf; re-apply every 3 hours ( everywhere, in a bathroom) I recommend sunblock for babies.
  3. a hair sunblock spray, so you can swim, or take a hat on& off... a redhead's scalp will burn.
  4. a cool hat... something that works with your outfit, makes sense with the event, &stays firmly on your head-even with your sunglasses( test this).
  5. a cover up that is sexy, light-weight, sheer, but covers your pale skin... a maxi dress, long pant+ plunging neckline L/S tee, a light sweat suit.
  6. a cute slide, flip-flop or wedge heel....again, redheads have to try harder to be sexy (&/or) comfortable near the hot, sunny water.... because it is NOT our best environment; in fact, it is a dangerous one.
  7. A sheer cotton wrap, in case you need emergency cover for shoulders, legs, feet, back...
  8. A powder compact, lipstick, tiny hairbrish, travel sized hair gel... in case you go swimming,you can freshen up your hair&face. Wear waterproof eye make-up.
  9. A great book. If the party/clam bake/boat trip is a bust... find an umbrella, take cover and read!
  10. a surf shop is great for swimwear with coverage, and surfer rashguards are great if you hang out in or on the water. As well, you will need a 100+ spf and zinc oxode on high-risk body parts like nose&shouders.
  11. Happy Summer Red! Get those freckles checked by a dermatologist once a year, from head to toe.