a really wonderful year
  1. Listening to Patti Smith read "A Clock With No Hands" at her book signing
  2. Running from Frenchman St through Jackson Square and Bourbon Street after two cocktails in the most magical American city, New Orleans
  3. When one of my students asked me if women have babies the same way they poop.
  4. When my partner SURPRISED me after being apart for 3 weeks by visiting me when I was at Yale over the summer
  5. Singing Taylor Swift in a park outside this bizarre walled city in Germany
  6. When we were out of school for TWO icy weeks in February, therefore skipping thru the most miserable part of winter
  7. When my best friend and I awkwardly crashed a 5 course wine tasting dinner in Munich and ended up closing the place down with our new friends
  8. Listening to Taylor sing "Red" at her show in Ohio
  9. The Sufjan Stevens encore
  10. Watching the Florida Gators beat Ole Miss at this random bar in Echo Park, LA.
  11. When I pulled my favorite student aside to tell him his basketball coach asked me to marry him and he said DID YOU SAY YES??? In the most sincere and excited voice