1. Going to my Aunt Frances's house in Knoxville, TN, with my dad's side of the family. Thanksgiving 2000 was especially great bc we watched the election coverage and had a whole bit about hanging chads in our "vote" for who sat at the kids' table.
  2. Going to Kathryn's family's Thanksgiving and being the only one not allowed to have wine from 19-20. Also being confused by my attraction to her 50 y/o hott bachelor uncle.
  3. Being stuck in Galesburg for 2 Thanksgivings - one where Stephen and I broke up and Kathryn came and moved me out of our place. We drank a lot of cranberry gin drinks, ate turkey sandwiches, and watched Sisterwives in between dumping truck loads of stuff at my new apartment.
  4. 2nd Galesburg Thanksgiving was really great. We cooked a turkey breast & went to the Broadview at midnight. We met civil war reenactors and brought them home with us but made them sleep on the living room floor. No monkey business.