I'm rewatching all of Game of Thrones looking for Lady Stoneheart clues. Also other thoughts and observations.
  1. Jorah offers a hungry Dany grass or horse jerky, which both sound like pretty horrible options, and that caused me to play a game of Westeros Would You Rather: Food Edition, and then I went into a long internal tangent about how a vegetarian would survive in this world, obviously besides just grass. Conclusion: I don't think they would.
  2. I lost the rest of the conversation between Jorah and Dany because I was so focused on this. heard something about ghost grass and maybe that's a metaphor for white walkers? Not sure, could be important. could be Dothraki hooey.
  3. I really like Cat, but it's hard for me to reconcile how she treats Jon Snow, even though he is a moody emo teenager who most definitely Live Journals.
  4. Who is this Wylla that Ned says is supposedly Jon's mother when we all know it's not? #important
  5. OMG Summer literally tore that guy's face off!
  6. This show was definitely more graphic than a) I remember, b) it is now
  7. Lady deserved better #riplady
  8. Is Bran connected to all of the dire wolves because he wakes up as soon as Lady dies? #maybeimportant