I'm rewatching all of Game of Thrones looking for Lady Stoneheart clues. Also other thoughts and observations.
  1. I'm still really, really mad at Ned Stark about Lady (it's been two minutes)
  2. Jaime is definitely laying out all of the Mad King stuff, stabbing him through the back, and with Ned's father and brother dying, which I didn't think would be as important as I do now #important
  3. Joffrey is the worst shit
  4. Ned getting Sansa a doll #DADS
  5. Bran is kind of a little shit too
  6. Catelyn is in a hood and smacks Littlefinger when she sees him - could be interesting if that's how LSH takes him down #important
  7. Jaime and Cersie could have one of the most epic and intense and dare I say romantic love stories — you know, if they weren't twin brother and sister
  8. Ned to Catelyn: That temper of yours is a dangerous thing #foreshadowing #IMPORTANT
  9. One of Jaime's first kills was someone from the Brotherhood without Banners - right where he's heading! #important
  10. King's Landing was a way more interesting place before Bernie Sparrow showed up
  11. I wonder if the show runners watch these episodes and cringe at how low-budge they are
  12. The Wall looks like my Mac desktop screensaver from 2006
  13. Watching now, I'm like, man I have a lot of Wall scenes to get through
  14. Nothing 👏🏼 said 👏🏼 before 👏🏼the👏🏼 word👏🏼 but 👏🏼counts - praise hands Benjen Stark 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  15. Watching now, I'm like, man I have a lot of Dothraki scenes to get through
  16. If I were a fight choreographer, I would compare Syrio Forel's fight scenes with Arya with the ones with the Waif but I'm lazy AF #important?
  17. why does Ned space out like that? #important?