I'm rewatching all of Game of Thrones looking for Lady Stoneheart clues. Also other thoughts and observations.
  1. We open on Bran in a dream, following a three-eyed Raven into Lyanna's tomb. #SUPERIMPORTANT
  2. I realize how sprawling and unwieldy the show has gotten because these first few episodes are laying out some major clues and threads that are only now getting picked back up
  3. Hodor's first appearance is COMING. IN. THROUGH. A. DOOR. TO. HELP. BRAN. DOWN. THE. HALL.
  4. Samwell Tarley bumbles on to the scene and into Jon's heart
  5. This Viserys sex scene is taking forever, but at least it's not with his own sister
  6. OMG boring finance stuff with Ned. King's Landing reminds me of what government would be like if Donald Trump became president: lots of money spent on clothes and hair, nothing left for the regs.
  7. Ned tells Arya that Bran might grow up to be like Bran the Builder - or is he Bran the Builder already? #important
  8. Samwell Tarley is 100% a stand-in for GRRM - bad vision, reads books, afraid of heights, hates fighting
  9. Gendry has pretty nice arms 💪🏼 Which he will need because he's doing A LOT of rowing
  10. Littlefinger's explanation for his name is a lie #important
  11. Stake through the throat is no way to go #dontpissoffthemountain
  12. Sandor Clegane 🐶 is so misunderstood #thehound