1. Khaleesi grabs something hot out of the fire with no burns #important #unburnt
  2. Osha, so dirty, so tricksy #mixingfantasymetaphors
  3. Syrio Forel's saying is basically a TL;DR version of NOT TODAY SATAN 😈
  4. Did anyone else find Khaleesi's heart-eating scene oddly erotic? #no? #justme?
  5. "Making the Eight" is gross and sexist and Renly and I are HAVING NONE OF IT
  6. running tally of murders Tyrion has been falsely accused of this far: 2
  7. Things are getting straight up Mortal Kombat in the Vale #finishhim
  8. Sansa is being hella bitchy to her septa
  9. Poor Sansa's first kiss is Joffrey #ewwww
  10. That is some crown, Viserys 👑