A really cool dude who also loves me.
  1. He doesn't drink.
    Which means I never have to worry about accidentally getting drunk off of his spiked orange Gatorade or iced tea when I steal gulps from his glass.
  2. He is a hard-worker.
    Like - started his own business, built a huge client list, and is still his own boss 35 years later. Long days. Also works weekends. Basically always working.
  3. He labels his socks.
    Every single sock he owns has either a number, letter, or both on it. He's probably the reason why I can't wear mismatching socks.
  4. He cares so much.
    Whether it's football, his family, his job, or whatever, he deals with every situation with 100% of his attention. He is very in-the-moment.
  5. He eats cereal and toast more than normal food.
    Sometimes I think he's still that rowdy 19 year old that can't bother to cook himself a real meal. Also eats pizza off of napkins. #DadStatus?
    But that's because I make them and, frankly, I think they exhaust him.