For those who need to know/In case you were wondering.
  1. Loud music.
    Or anything that has a beat loud enough to make me feel like it has replaced my heart.
  2. People who mess around while driving.
    I don't care if I'm in the car (well, actually, I do) or outside of it or holding onto the bumper while riding a skateboard (like in Back To the Future), do NOT mess around. At all. Also, wear your seatbelt.
  3. Calls from unknown numbers.
    Is it a serial killer? Tax collector? My long-lost biological sister? WHO CARES. I'm not going to answer. How did they get my number? PLEASE TELL ME I AM NOT A CHARACTER IN A SCREAM MOVIE.
  4. When people sit/stand/exist behind me.
    I need to be able to see everyone in the room at all times. Probably stems from my school fear of sitting in the front of the class bc I was worried about everyone sitting behind me laughing about me. I always sit in corner booths/window seats/back row desks.
  5. Anything to do with other people's emotions.
    This is especially stressing while I'm dating/trying to, mostly because I have a hard time dealing with my own emotions, let alone someone else's. Also always very scared of what other people think/say/feel about me.
  6. Talking to strangers.
    This also goes for having to do anything in public. Are people looking at me? Do I have to small talk? OhmygoshItotallyjustspitwhileIwastalkingdidshenoticeletmedienow.
  7. Talking to people in general.
    My face tends to get really red and I stumble when I talk. I'm better with written words (usually).
  8. Sweating.
    I sweat when I'm nervous and I'm nervous when I sweat. It's a vicious, never-ending circle of clammy hands and pitting out.
  9. Nothing/Anything/Everything
    Sometimes a day is going normally and then it just starts to feel "off" before spiraling into a general uncomfortable, panicky mess. For no particular reason.
  10. Bathrooms.
    Will there be toilet paper? How many butts has this seat touched before mine? IS EVERYONE ELSE LISTENING TO ME PEE?