I'm not used to things breaking regularly, but since I got here six weeks ago I've experienced a high number of casualties. In chronological order:
  1. The lock on the terrace door
    This was remedied by having a new key made and using graphite in the lock. Graphite is a trick I learned staying at my mom's this summer where both the locks and keys are also old.
  2. Dashboard hula dancer
    The wind caught the curtain and knocked it over. I had my sister-in-law purchase a similar version on Amazon and bring it with her when she joined me.
  3. IKEA kitchen cabinet door
    The hardware came out, the gas lift arm stuck open and the only thing to do was take the other hinge out. It's wrapped in a towel under the office shelves. A plus is that it's now much easier for me to access plates and glasses.
  4. Glass on the IKEA frame with a pencil sketch of owner
    Opening the office door created some sort of force that sent this from the picture rail to the chair shattering the glass.