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So my family sits down to play apples to apples yesterday. There was this weird saying that every green card you earn describes your personality. This is what I got
  1. Annoying
    I really don't know.... ask my sister
  2. Athletic
    Only when I am in the mood
  3. Bright
    Awe thanks Apples to Apples
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I go into my room today and it is really hot. Oh wait there is a li.st. Here is my ceiling fan speeds
  1. (Low) Lousy airflow
  2. (Medium) Might as well use a paper fan
  3. (High) Holy cow. It blew my socks off
    So that is where the other sock went.
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Ideas I considered and rejected for my first list
  1. Top fears
    What the heck was I thinking
  2. The bucket list I never knew I had
    A little better
  3. Advice to my younger self
    All I came up with was: Never eat McDonald's and eat Chick-fil-A. I am awful at this
  4. Yeah that's pretty much it......