1. The one on that street corner.
  2. The one that sees me and crosses the street with me, walking very close.
  3. The one who tells me I have beautiful eyes then writes a song about them and sings it to me and I stand in that parking lot and listen and try not to let it show that I think these are my last moments on earth.
  4. The one on that other street corner.
  5. The one who asks me how I'm doing and I ignore and he asks again, wondering if I can hear him and I can but what I can't do is walk fast enough to get away from him.
  6. The one who asks me where the nearest liquor store is.
  7. The one who follows me late at night.
  8. The one who was following me late at night who now sits next to me on a bench and I get up and tell him to not do that and he is confused and gets angry and I don't know what he'll do.
  9. The one who just looks at me. I can't do anything about his eyes and I feel disgusting and violated and powerless.
  10. The one who yells at me from a car, oh wait that's my friend! Dude you can't just yell at a girl from a car, that freaks her out. But hey, what's up?