1. My store doesn't carry sesame bagels.
  2. It's pretty much plain or "everything". Or blueberry or cinnamon or cheese
  3. I am now not able to remember ANY store in my area that carries pre-packaged sesame bagels
  4. Sesame bagels are awesome! They are at every bagel shop. A crowd-pleaser, amirite?
  5. I am now wondering if there is some reason that sesame bagels are not in stores
    Do they not keep? Do sesame seeds expire?
  6. Or is this just a Seattle area thing and we're all like "If you want sesame you'll have to eat the other stuff. Don't be fussy. Garlic has many health benefits."
    Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the everything bagel now. (I used to not be.)
  7. Can anyone solve this puzzle for me?