Not a sarcastic list. Please contribute, my oldish listers.
  1. You confidently send things back at restaurants
    Life is just TOO short
  2. Cleavage is no longer embarrassing
    If my boobs look good I am presenting
  3. 60 now seems "old," so you can tell anyone your age
    I am 49, y'all.
  4. Clear skin
    If I get a zit nowadays, I broke some kind of rule to get it, like rubbing chocolate in my face; otherwise I am clear as can be. This was not always the (bacne) case.
  5. No longer feel the need to finish boring books
    Must make time for the best stuff, like "The Girl in Cabin 10." (Thank me later.)
  6. Trends not tempting
    Been there, seen that
  7. When you speak with authority, you have some
  8. When people don't like you, you can shrug it off
    Their loss.
  9. You appreciate how damn cute you were in high school
  10. Not having to prove yourself capable.
    One benefit of experience is knowing what you can & can't do.
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  11. I feel so confident and unafraid and capable. I know I can handle anything.
    Suggested by   @clairewentthere
  12. Job Expertise
    I can envision a projects successes and failures from day one. The tough part is convincing others I am right.
    Suggested by   @PassiveAggressor
  13. Technology is awesome, but it's nice to remember life & skills from before it, in times of emergency or when it's not available.
    I can still read a paper map, find information without google, and entertain myself without wifi!
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  14. I can be open about disliking little kids because I don't have to be friends with their parents.
    Suggested by   @joelscorp
  15. I can order whatever I want in a diner and not have anyone think it's either too fancy or too juvenile.
    Suggested by   @joelscorp
  16. You're no longer expected or required to have to have birthday parties if you don't want to.
    I just turned 50 last week, and instead of having a party I just took some very close friends to an "escape room" and an outdoor puzzle hunt. Was going to have a party but then decided I just couldn't be arsed to organize it so didn't—and felt good about it!
  17. "History" with people you love-your own stories, shorthand, inside jokes that go back decades. BTW, I just turned 50!
    Suggested by   @MaddyandOwensMom