1. Pretend to like new weird looking foods.
  2. Wear another hat on top of my hat, in public, without shame.
    Don't know why, but this just seems to happen a lot, and still does. They're done wearing their hat, you're already wearing a hat. Just makes sense.
  3. Clean and clip another person's toenails.
  4. Try to appreciate (or at least put on) jazz and classical music.
    Cause music without words? Have never seen the point. But playing The Smiths isn't really going to help broaden anyone's musical education.
  5. Volunteer at school. A lot.
  6. Stand in the rain for hours to watch kids' sports.
    I have never even considered doing a "drop off". That's just how I roll.
  7. Feign interest in gameplay for which I was not present.
  8. Try to objectively explain why someone might belong to a different political party than the one I belong to.
  9. I know your kid is older but I have to feign enthusiasm for pooping every day right now. Like, cheering in pooping in the toilet. And watching it. This will end, right?
    Suggested by @Veronique