What am I forgetting?
  1. Baby showers
    The games are great (I think I'm in the minority here). It's the awkward talking with the mom to be's old friends and older relatives.
  2. Reunions
  3. Air travel
    I still dress up for flying. I wish it was necessary.
  4. 80s nights at dance clubs
  5. Meetings
    Sue me, I like meetings! The potential! The role playing! And sometimes baked goods.
  6. Romantic comedy movies
  7. Parties
    This is a given for everyone I'm guessing.
  8. Cleaning my ears
    Cause every few times I get that rewarding crackling sound.
  9. FM radio
  10. Cooking a whole chicken
    If Safeway can do it...
  11. Trying something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant
    People say don't fix what ain't broken but sometimes you want to try anyway!
    Suggested by @baileyedge
  12. New Year's Eve
    Every movie ever set me up for failure on this one. I've never had anything better than a mediocre NYE. I've mostly given up except I'm always convinced there's a party of people not far away having the best time ever.
    Suggested by @jessnobs