There are times when I feel something and I wish I spoke German because they seem to have words for some of these feelings (like schadenfreude). Please add your own and maybe we can figure some out.
  1. That feeling when you have a lot of anger about something you believe happened (aka righteous indignation) and are ready to explode about it then find out you were wrong and have pent up anger energy that you can't spend.
    Happens to me more than I like to admit. Righteous indignation is my jam.
  2. That feeling that you forgot to do something but you don't know what
    The closest I can get is "niggling".
  3. That feeling when someone is not where they should be and it weirds you out.
    Like when you see a teacher at a concert or your supermarket checker at the zoo. Or a doctor anywhere!
  4. That feeling where you feel like you didn't finish the last bite of something, like a cookie.
    But you can't verify it. Maybe you set it down somewhere? You just don't feel like you finished it, and you want that last bite feeling, dammit!
  5. That feeling that you want something bad to be looming over you, because the last thing that was looming over you is okay/resolved now and for some reason you're seeking something else to be worried about (NEW)
    Don't know why I have this feeling. I must be a masochist.