Inspired by @MirandaJones
  1. Peanut butter cookies
    The crumbly ones. Nom Nom Nom.
  2. Watermelon
    I put half a watermelon on a plate and grab a knife and a large roll of paper towels and just go to TOWN. I don't bother cutting it into pieces, I just hack of chunks. I eat the entire thing. It's a mess so this is a private activity. Ideally eaten while watching a Doris Day movie or a rom com.
  3. Rice cakes
    I know I know but with the right flavoring they are like popcorn without the guilt. Quaker makes amazing cheddar ones, and I also like Lundberg's seaweed flavor. Pop chips are a similar joy.
  4. Graham crackers dipped in milk.
    It's a food *and* a game.
  5. Halfpops
    Popcorn, half popped. Omg.
  6. Tang
    Which I don't allow myself to buy
  7. Salt and vinegar chips
  8. Brie cheese
    Oh my heavens to Betsy. I guess all cheeses. I'd rather give up sugar than dairy.
  9. Baked Cheetos
    There was a radio story this mornings about a woman shoplifting Cheetos and I gasped that I had not put Baked Cheetos on this list. They are true Kryptonite in that I can never ever buy them because I will immediately consume the whole bag. DO NOT MISTAKE ME here, I don't mean regular Cheetos, those are completely ignorable. The baked ones melt in your mouth and cut it up and oh my gosh I can't even think about them anymore. </end>