Inspired by @readjulia
  1. Soft pretzels and cottage cheese
    Dunk and eat. The salt in the cheese tastes amazing, makes cottage cheese taste like a new food. I use the frozen heat in he microwave pretzels. I suppose those hard ones might be good too.
  2. Ranch-flavor Doritos and cottage cheese
    Variation on above/
  3. Apples and peanut butter
    A classic. If anyone has any suggestions on getting PB to stay on the apple, let me know:
  4. Cheese pizza and Thousand Island dressing
    In the Philippines, where I went to high school, this was a standard table condiment at this one pizza parlor. (They have lots of interesting taste combos in that country like corn ice cream). Try it next time you get a substandard pizza. Also good when reheating a pizza to counter the dryness. Don't knock it til you try it.
  5. Toasted English muffin & pizza sauce & cheese
    This is cheating a bit as this is an actual "recipe" for pizza bread.
  6. Velveeta slices and Fresca
    A high school snack.
  7. Oscar Meyer chicken lunchmeat and my knee
    Okay, this is a bit weird but it's List App so why not? I used to eat those round slices of chicken off my knee when I was a kid. So there's something vaguely strange yet appealing about that taste to me.
  8. PBJ sandwich with potato chips inside