Ok prompt people, or reformed lateniks, what are your strategies for getting to places on time? I exasperate myself with constant running to get everywhere... FYI setting clocks ahead doesn't work for me (I just do the mental math).
  1. Hmm, hard to start this. Maybe promising myself a chai latte if I arrive early? (It's Seattle, so lattes are near everything.)
  2. Plan to be 15-30 minutes early. Then you can post a list when you're early.
    I find I'm late when I try to do too much.
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  3. Set alarms on your phone in five minute increments from 20-30 mins before you need to leave and 10-15 mins after.
    I started doing this for myself in the morning because I would hit snooze too much or get distracted while getting ready. It's disruptive (annoyingly but effectively so), so it keeps me on track (esp if the thing I'm distracted by is my phone). I also put little messages like 'GET OUT OF BED YOU FOOL!!!' that I personally find helpful but aren't per se necessary.
    Suggested by   @nelle
  4. Leave at least 10 minutes before you have to be there.
    Or add 10 minutes on to your designated travel time. Don't think "I have this thing at nine" think, "I have a thing at 8:50"
    Suggested by   @finesse
  5. Have someone else set your clocks by an odd #. Like 27 mins instead of 20 mins.😏
    Suggested by   @Jvg0122
  6. Have a crippling fear of being late combined with a raging case of people-pleading helps immensely. But I don't know how you develop those – I seem to have been born that way.
    Suggested by   @readjulia
  7. It's very important for me to make sure things are in their right place. Keys and wallet in the little dish where I know they always are. Work keys in the front pocket of my messenger bag, with the Sharpie I carry at work. iPhone always either in my pocket or in the charging dock. This way I don't waste time looking for eventual stuff.
    Suggested by   @pili_ervin
  8. I set silent phone alarms for a lot of things daily!
    5:30 am & pm - FEED PUPPIES! 6:45 am - leave for work! 9:25 pm - get ready for bed! 5:30 pm - dinner w J tonight!, etc.
    Suggested by   @e