Suggestions welcome.
  1. So, I don't eat pig. Haven't for 3-4 years.
    Yup, no bacon, ham, prosciutto, pepperoni, and, annoyingly, marshmallows (contain gelatin which is on lots of things including some yogurt but is in all marshmallows except for weird vegan ones which actually don't taste too bad when made into krispie treats).
  2. Combination of reasons including a movie, two close encounters with pigs, and a vegan friend who died.
  3. Plus, my new dog resembles a pig when she lays on her side.
    Exhibit A
  4. I still eat beef, chicken and fish
    Though hardly ever beef. Use turkey a ton. Turkey burgers, stuffed turkey peppers, turkey tacos etc. oh and turkey bacon which isn't at all like bacon bur does its best.
  5. So I am not remotely vegetarian
    It is just my weird dietary choice because I like pigs. I still like the taste of them because I still have a sense of smell. Just don't eat 'em anymore.
  6. Someone who just eats fish and no other meat is a pescatarian
  7. Someone who is vegetarian and just eats milk but no eggs is a lacto non-ovo vegetarian
    Turns out.
  8. So I think I'm a "non-pigatarian"
    (Pigatarian sounds way better but I don't ONLY eat pig which is what's implied.)
  9. The latin word for pig is "porca" from what I can tell.
  10. So maybe "non-porcatarian"?
  11. I know I don't need a name for it. I usually just say "I don't eat pig".
    And people always say "but bacon!" and then I say "I *know*" and make a sad face because bacon.
  12. But it would be fun to have a catchy name.
  13. People think I'm odd but it's just what I do.
    Interestingly it often forces me to choose vegetarian options like spinach Benedict, which is really good.
  14. That's it.
    Wow there are images online for everything.