Things I would not do a second time. (The first two of these are actually junior high...)
  1. Wear designer jeans
    This was a thing. I was appalled at the cost of said jeans, but had one pair and definitely wore them. With the comb in one pocket.
  2. Pretend to like Lynyrd Skynyrd and CCR
    Cause my friends did. This is not like Black Sabbath and Boston, where I started pretending and then grew to appreciate them. Still don't like either LS or CCR.
  3. Eat lunch in the bathroom stall
    Couldn't I go outside? This is pathetic and creepy. Didn't last, thankfully.
  4. Have a "secret" relationship
    With Allan K. We would make out everywhere around the school but then he would drop my hand in public. What a jerk, but I mainly blame myself for the low esteem required for this.