Making this a + list, cause it can't just be me.
  1. Sorting sucks, but doing edges first is so worth it.
    However, flipping them over? That part really sucks.
  2. Those regions fit together more closely than you think they do
    It just doesn't look like it on the box. The box lies!
  3. It just seems like there are more sky pieces than non-sky pieces
    Substitute "sea" or "water" for sky if applicable.
  4. The sky pieces are the "fun part"
    (I actually make it somewhat fun by sorting them into regular "male," "female," and "oddball" shapes and then getting Zen about just fitting shapes.)
  5. You will finish this before the table is needed again
    Next time I will do it on the puzzle mat. DOH!
  6. No, you haven't lost a piece. It looks like it now, but you have them all
    Keep the faith.