Inspired by @alanarogerrrrs
  1. Risky Business
    Get Off the Babysitter, Joel.
  2. Can't Buy Me Love
    I liked Patrick Dempsey back when he was playing a nerd.
  3. Dirty Dancing
    Somewhat embarrassing to admit, but you just can't turn it off when it's on.
  4. Silence of the Lambs
    Still get scared every time she goes into the storage unit. Storage units are so creepy!
  5. Princess Bride
  6. Shawshank
    Double Obv.
  7. Just One of the Guys
    I adore this movie. Got joyful 80s fashion, girl in disguise, cute boy, and a charming lead actress. Was always on late night tv--I don't think I ever planned to watch it specifically.
  8. Office Space
    "I don’t like my job and I don’t think I’ll go anymore " & "Yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday..."
  9. Clueless
    Cause Cher is so charming. And early Paul Rudd. Everyone in this movie is likeable.
  10. Better Off Dead
    I want my two dollars! Franch fries, Franch dressing. Young Cusack (tho I like any age Cusack). So much more!
  11. Crimson Tide
    I already like submarine movies. Add Hackman/Denzel matchup and it's magnificent.
  12. 13 Going on 30
    Cause Mark Ruffalo, sigh, and J Garner brigs her A game.
  13. Never Been Kissed
    Even though I hate the central romance, this is Drew Barrymore at her most charming.
  14. 10 Things I Hate About You
    Cause I find something new to like every time I watch this.
  15. Pitch Black
    Cause I didn't want to end with a romance (worthy as they are), plus for me this movie is absolutely perfect.