Inspired by @13spencer
  1. Bagdad Cafe
  2. Fried Green Tomatoes
  3. While You Were Sleeping
  4. Most movies I choose on the airplane
    Go figure. It's so embarrassing. It's not like I'm trying to choose these.
  5. Field of Dreams
    It's not just for men!
  6. Short Term 12
    Amazing and emotional.
  7. Never Been Kissed
  8. Bridges of Madison County
    I'm embarrassed about this one. Only saw it once but the tears fairly gushed out. At least nobody died as in most of these types of movies.
  9. Elf
    Romantic, Christmas, singing, daddy issues, this has it all! Tears a plenty guaranteed.
  10. The Descendants
    Felt very real and grownuppy.
  11. Shawshank Redemption
    Guaranteed weep fest.
  12. Roman Holiday
    Sucker for a good impossible love story.
  13. The Breakfast Club
    The ending.
  14. When Harry Met Sally
    Not Sleepless in Seattle. *This one* is the real deal.
  15. Moonstruck
    I have to end with this one. "Do you love him Loretta?" "Oh mom, I love him awful". Cue my tears.
  16. Sense and Sensibility (late addition)
    How could I forget this? I pretty much sob when Emma Thompson starts crying as Hugh Grant admits his love. Every time.