Cause you only get one in RL.
  1. Thor Heyerdahl (used on BBSes)
    Remember BBSes? If so, you're old. This was so long ago I don't remember why I chose this in particular, but even back then I knew it wasn't always a good idea to be a girl online in a boys' (back then) world. Oh yes, and it was all caps.
  2. Elevator
    Another non-girl name. Abandoned as just too generic.
  3. Lambda
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    My favorite, and longest-lasting. From "Revenge of the Nerds"--Lambda Lambda Lambda is the Nerds' sponsoring fraternity. I like the way the name sounds, and it's a symbol! Trivia: the movie fraternity inspired a real Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity--coed, and non-discriminatory per its charter.
  4. Snowball
    I can't explain this one. Abandoned for being silly.
  5. Dakar
    Used when I realized Lambda had an implication that didn't represent me. :) Named for the city in Africa where I spent a nice summer with my dad in the sand dunes.
  6. Cordeliane
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    My current favorite. From Fionavar Tapestry book series about modern students transported into a magical other world. Beautiful and scary and sad. Narnia/LOTR comparisons abound. Cordeliane is a strong member of a warlike tribe.