First heard about this on the radio
  1. What? Could that be *my* Time After Time?
  2. I thought I was the only one who liked that show.
    Hell, I even bought the book. It was a great book.
  3. Hmm, did they say "nights"? I guess it's a tv series instead of a movie? Ok, I guess they can stretch it.
  4. Wow, can't wait to see it. Time travel serial killing goodness. PSYCHED!
  5. Such a great love story. Malcolm McDowell was so great. Mary Steenburgen so quirky and adorable.
  6. And that killer was so creepy with that awesome mustache. I loved that his name was Leslie.
  7. THEN I saw the tv ad
  8. Wait, what?
  9. Who are these hot guys?
  10. Which one is HG Wells? Which one is Jack the Ripper? I guess the guy behind him, with the scruff?
  11. Those guys look like supermodels.
  12. OH NO.
  13. Don't screw with Time After Time
  14. Why did they CW this show???
    Really there was no need. We'd watch it.
  15. Will someone please watch it for me and let me know if they didn't screw it up?
  16. Cause I just can't.