1. Inlaws are coming to visit tonight
  2. Procrastinated til last minute
  3. It's spring so the dust shows again
  4. Must recondition the dog to the vacuum
    Cause it's been so long
  5. Excuse for cheesy European dance music
    Specifically T.A.T.U.
  6. Coffee
    I'm a tea drinker so coffee works on me
  7. Don't have to make the bed yet if I am cleaning
    Boy do I hate making beds
  8. Excuse to rearrange the cookbooks by type
    Cause I looked at them while vacuuming. Fun!
  9. May find some dog toys under things
    Reward the dog for vacuum noise
  10. Practice self discipline
    Once a month is good, right?
  11. Don't have to exercise today
  12. Realize how great "Axel F Theme" is
    Not just for cleaning
  13. Reconsider previous position on dusting importance
    Am leaning toward "somewhat important"
  14. Can make husband look like the messy one by only tidying my side of bed table