Screenshot Cleanse

Inspired by @lpb
  1. Greek dinner my husband xooked
    Lamb burger, spanakopita, and Greek fries (calorific!!)
  2. Alpaca from the alpaca farm on San Juan islamd
    They're sweet and scary, like fuzzy camels
  3. Our inflatable kayaj
    Owning a kayak was on my bucket list, especially one that fits in a trunk. Lots of water here in Seattle.
  4. Best. Concert. Ever.
  5. My fee while watching my sons ultimate frisbee game.
    No idea why.
  6. Egg on pizza
    It's s thing! And a catsup nose and mouth. My husband's doing.
  7. Camping trip
    Must play cards!
  8. More food. This time I made it.
    It's chicken curry in a baked potato. A British cuisine (my husband is a Brit) that I adore. Many foods can be improved by serving them in a potato.
  9. Pre-dyed Easter eggs
    Cause I live in a fancy 'hood full of lazy people.