Wow, these really do tell a lot more than I thought about me. Inspired by @emilyannlosey
  1. Windstorm Sunday night in Seattle. (My area not affected). Sent this to a neighbor without power so she could see how many thousands were affected!.
  2. My geeky posture device status (fitbit type wearable that keeps track of your posture and buzzes if you slump). Also counts steps. Sent this to my husband since it was a good score.
  3. Science fair this month! Nearly over thank the gods.
  4. 4D London puzzle is finished!
  5. Pretzel buns I made
  6. Page of my son's homework, which is often mysteriously lost between home and the teachers inbox so I take pix of the ones he spends the most time on just in case.
  7. View from inside my local coffee shop complete with patient dog Polly Anna waiting outside.
  8. What airport floor I parked on for trip to LA
  9. My parking space (I recommend this for long trips or short ones if you're spacey like me)
  10. An indie video game I want to get