You know the one. The one you still have. The one you'll always keep. I'll go first.
  1. Drowsy.
    She was named Drowsy because that's what it says on her tag. Apparently she used to talk (it says on her tag--I don't remember this). I loved her to pieces, clearly. She looks scary now, mainly because child me tried to repair her with cotton balls and Frankenstein monster stitches and clearly I couldn't see (and still can't). But her hair is just crazy from love. Her face is dirty but perfect.
  2. Static
    Suggested by @kate81
  3. Clark Bear
    My grandpa, who had the last name of Clark, brought a stuffed bear to the hospital when he met all of us grandchildren for the first time. I managed to keep him in a good condition, considering I took him with me everywhere as a kid. The torn ear and the hole in his bottom (not pictured) happened recently, when my dog discovered he could reach him on one of my shelves. He has since been moved to a higher, more secure location.
    Suggested by @supabg