1. Open the mailbox to check mail went down.
    Have tried to just walk away... Doesn't even matter if the mail is important. Can't do it. Not gonna happen.
  2. Say "bless you" under my breath when someone sneezes (only out loud if I know the person or am feeling extroverted that day).
  3. Always sit in a bathroom stall that's not the end stall.
  4. The throw salt over the shoulder thing.
  5. When I hear an ambulance, say under my breath, "Hope it's nobody I know" (and then feel selfish).
  6. Let the door shut behind me without saying the word "keys" and checking that they're in my hand.
    This one's not as much superstitious as self-preservation.
  7. Thank the bus driver.
    It's a Seattle thing.
  8. Wait for the "walk" light before crossing, even if no one's around.
  9. Talk about a person I was just on the phone with without checking that the phone is truly hung up.