1. Actual sense of humor
    As opposed to just laughing when people get hurt
  2. Still lets me select (buy) all his clothes, while throwing them together with his own unique flair
    Wrist sweatbands are not out of the question.
  3. Kisses aplenty still
    I appreciate my good fortune
  4. Helps me calm down when I panic in the car
    Tells me passing trucks is "not a big deal". Also helps me get unlost.
  5. Flexible as F
    We've traveled almost every weekend since school ended, often with relative strangers. He's down with that.
  6. Still prefers his parents' company over anyone else's
    See sublist item #3
  7. In jokes
    He showed me his favorite Vines and now the two of us have some in jokes that fit into many everyday situations. FREE SHAV ACA DOO!
  8. Can do research for me
    Though somewhat limited to his own or shared interests (apparently it's not worth it to evolve most Pokemon creatures as a beginning player...)
  9. Shows occasional signs of empathy
    Phew. For example, he pet the dog last weekend when no one was watching.
  10. Demands are pretty low
    Until the iPad runs out of power, anyway. :)