Inspired by @nicolemccammon
  1. Eat without using dishes
    Cause why make work. I go back to my post-college "everything but cereal can be eaten on a napkin" days.
  2. Have popcorn for dinner
    Cause no one to judge
  3. Watch only the first five minutes of movies
  4. Mud mask
  5. Not shower
    Showering is for other people
  6. Wear braids
    I suck at braids but like how they feel. Would never wear them in public
  7. Try makeup on
    I suck at makeup. I only ever do eyeliner and lipstick and I am not exaggerating.
  8. Leave discarded clothes in my wake
    What a great feeling
  9. Not leave the house
  10. Watch Adam Levine in the first five minutes of that one episode of American Horror Story
    Rinse and repeat
  11. Eat in bed
    Shhh don't tell my husband.
  12. Play hours of computer role playing games from my past (dragon age or skyrim)
    Shhh don't tell my son
  13. Teen movies til I drop