Inspired by @sarahdessen
  1. My birthdate
    Just since I had a kid. Always giving my kid's out.
  2. My cell number
    Who knows these anymore?
  3. Whether recycling was last week
    Luckily there's a calendar mailed out. Plus if the bin is full it's *this week*.
  4. My age
    My mental age is 37 so I always want to say that. At least my development arrested fairly late. I am, ahem, older than 37.
  5. The name of my hair salon
    Have to google it every time. Why isn't it a fun pun like some of em?
  6. How daylight savings works
  7. How time zones work if the dateline is crossed
    Don't ask me to pick you up from your flight from Asia without being VERY specific.
  8. Names of people who just one minute ago introduced themselves to me.