A "live" list of my main floor
  1. The bathroom door
    I know this is psychological. If I don't have to I won't close the toilet door when using the toilet. Maybe it's too small a space? Don't know. I don't even like to close it when I'm not in there (odors?)
  2. Kitchen cabinets
    I'm kind of a "I'm just going to open it again later" person.
  3. The dishwasher
    Mostly because I can't finish loading or unloading it without getting distracted, and leaving it open signifies that it is in "limbo" and needs to be addressed later.
  4. A purse
    So the solution to this is that I use one of those stand up purses that I don't ever have to zip. Things don't fall out, ever, but no doubt I'm an awesome pickpocket target.