Keep it clean, svp. I know I will remember more later, but I bet someone reading will have better ones (that I probably also did).
  1. Hickeys
    Giving and getting.
  2. Drinking a bit of drink and then pushing the drink into your boyfriend's/girlfriend's mouth.
    I did this but am not the only one. Mostly water but I remember a juice box distinctly.
  3. Putting your hand into his/her jeans pocket while walking.
    Ugh. But yes.
  4. Sharing gum
    Suggested by @thecomicswife
  5. Dry humping
    Suggested by @thecomicswife
  6. Make out in the woods...
    Bugs, leaves, poison ivy... Girl, stop.
    Suggested by @shanaz
  7. I didn't do this "with" another person, but I definitely tried to eat my cafeteria lunch seductively on more than one occasion. 🍴🍔💋
    Suggested by @alligeeshow